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Courtroom Depositions Preparation and Training

The truth may be on your side, but conveying that to a judge or jurors could be highly dependent on your body language, demeanor and mannerisms. When the stakes are high, you want attorneys and litigants who understand the importance of effective communication and individuals who are as comfortable as possible in high-pressure circumstances. 10e Media’s consulting services are proven to provide legal participants with ...

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How many times have you seen someone implode in a media interview? YouTube is loaded with examples, which live on in Internet infamy. Preparation is the key to avoiding disaster, handling media inquiries and keeping everyone on the same page. 10e Media has developed a highly acclaimed, half-day seminar for up to six executives that provides insider insight and hands-on practice from Emmy-award winning journalists ...

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CJ Boisvert

Emmy-award winning C.J. Boisvert has successfully parlayed more than 20 years of experience as a videographer and editor for CBS and NBC into the creation of a highly respected production company. As owner and director of videography, C.J. leads an experienced, award-winning team based in Las Vegas, Nev. specializing in television commercials, web content, editing, music videos, stock footage and documentaries. Alley Zoom Productions works ...

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Nina Radetich

For nearly two decades, Nina Radetich was one of the most recognizable local television anchors in Las Vegas on both the NBC and ABC evening broadcasts. She covered several memorable stories in that time including a series on her experience as a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police recruit that won her an Edward R. Murrow award for journalistic excellence.

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Dallas Cowboys Coach Earns Spot in Media Hall of Shame

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, this one hurts. By awarding domestic-violence offender Greg Hardy to a one-year contract, Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett is the newest member of the 10e Media Hall of Shame. While the free-agent signing further tarnishes the star on the helmet and the reputation of the entire team, it is Garrett who earns a spot in the Hall. Not ...

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Say It Ain’t So, Brian Williams

I was interviewed last week for a TV story about the Brian Williams controversy. The crux of the Fox 5 piece was whether Williams’ credibility has been irrevocably damaged and I gave my professional assessment. You can watch the report here. Personally, I’m saddened by what appear to be mistakes made by Williams and I’m equally disheartened that so many people appear to rejoice in ...

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NFL and Media Message: Words Are Worse Than Domestic Violence

  Right after you read this, Google “Ray Rice and Tony Dungy” in the same search. Here’s what you’ll find: The first page reveals twice as many stories about Dungy than Rice.  Page 2 and beyond reveal more coverage of Tony Dungy’s insensitive comments than Ray Rice’s punishment for knocking out a woman. If you’re not a sports fan, let me catch you up on ...

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