Serena Serves Up Perfect Interview

    Serena Williams’ stock went up this week and you may not have even read about it. It wasn’t a victory on the court that increased her value. Instead, it was a perfect return of a tough serve directed at her through the press.   Recently, fellow American tennis player Sloane Stephens trashed Williams in an interview for being unfriendly and for unfollowing her on Twitter (which I’m sure we all agree is an egregious offense.) Had Williams responded with anything that could be remotely construed as mean or snarky, the media would have had a field day with it.  ...

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That’s So Lochte!

  Okay, so no one has ever accused Ryan Lochte of being a Mensa, but watching the Olympic Swimmer sink during this live interview is still stunning. It’s so bad, that the Philly anchors lose their composure in the wake of the funny/sad exchange. I maintain, with the right coaching, even Ryan Lochte could at least dog paddle his way through an interview. In the meantime, someone please throw this guy a lifeline so we don’t have to witness more of this:  

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Three Rules Lance Armstrong Broke (with Oprah)

What Others Can Learn from an Abysmal Apology It’s not surprising to hear Lance Armstrong is a rule breaker.  But in in his interview with Oprah, we learned he also breaks all the rules of making a public apology and could definitely benefit from some media coaching the next around. I would argue Armstrong might have garnered some sympathy had he not made multiple egregious errors in his television confession.   Americans are able and even eager to forgive someone who makes a real apology.  We all make mistakes so we can relate to people who screw up and want to ...

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A Dangerous Confession

Oprah tweeted this about the interview she just recorded with Lance Armstrong that will air Thursday night on her network: “Just wrapped with @lancearmstrong More than 2 1/2 hours . He came READY!” I’m not surprised Armstrong was coached and prepared for the interview. It’s a given that he needs a lot of help to convey his message. Nothing short of a sincere confession and a heartfelt apology could begin to salvage Armstrong’s reputation; I expect neither. But…if Armstrong was well coached and truly is “ready” as Oprah says he was, he might be able to save Livestrong, from which ...

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Compassion Beyond the Chaos

In two decades of reporting, I never got accustomed to covering tragedies.   In fact, the older I got, the more difficult it became. I think most journalists would tell you the same thing; telling terrible stories takes its toll.  For me, the only way to carry on was to find the heroes amidst the horrors and the compassion beyond the chaos. Like all of you, this week for me has been one filled with tears, heartbreak and even sleepless nights.  I can’t begin to imagine the level of pain and grief being experienced by the families of victims in Newtown.  ...

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Guy Fieri Turns Food Critic’s Scathing Review into Good Press

The old adage is “there’s no such thing as bad press”. While I don’t necessarily subscribe to that as an absolute truth (and neither would others like David Petraeus, I suspect), I do think that negative media coverage can often turn out to be a blessing in disguise, if handled correctly. The most recent example comes from Guy Fieri who has turned a scathing review of his new restaurant in the New York Times into a public relations bonanza. Fieri recently appeared on NBC’s “Today” to respond to a review that absolutely crushed his new venue, Guy’s American Kitchen and ...

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The Elephant in the ABC Newsroom on Election Night (and I don’t mean the GOP mascot)

It’s one of those things that might have flown under the radar pre-Twitter and Facebook.  Or it could have easily been forgotten had the presidential race included some hint of drama.  But social media wags the dog these days and unfortunately for Diane Sawyer, the electoral vote blowout meant people could focus their tweets and posts on something other than the election results. So in 2012, it isn’t hanging chads, but a slurring Sawyer that has people talking. First let me come to the defense of Diane Sawyer.  She is a tremendous, extremely talented journalist.  One of the best in ...

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Thanks to a $5000 donation from Community Ambulance, a local school will continue to provide uniforms for students in need.

The folks at HP Fitzgerald Elementary School work hard to make sure their children are taken care of.  That work just got a little easier with news that Community Ambulance is giving $5000 to The Public Education Foundation.  The money will help the school replenish its uniform closet, which provides school uniforms to students in need.  The funds will also benefit the school’s Reading is Fundamental Program. “Education is one of the foundational elements of a successful person,” said Robert Richardson, partner and chief executive officer of Community Ambulance. “As a community partner, Community Ambulance values education and what it ...

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