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Lesson Learned from RJ Columnist’s Resignation: Sue the Reporters

Don’t worry whether your lawsuits have merit because now we know the newspaper’s conflict-of-interest policy mandates a reporter you have sued can never write anything about you ever again.

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Message Development

Right out the gate 10e Media will work with your key team members to help your organization develop authentic messages that describe your company and products or services in succinct and understandable terms. We take you through a facilitated development process to create clear, concise, and credible positioning statements that ultimately serve as the framework for all communications with your target audience(s). You will come ...

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One-On-One Coaching

Big network, newspaper or local media interview coming up? Or maybe you are a panelist for an upcoming conference. You don’t want to go into it cold or just wing it. Just as professional athletes prepare for the big game by practicing and reviewing film, you should do the same. 10e Media’s experience allows our clients to prepare for press conferences, one-on-on interviews or presentations ...

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Courtroom Depositions Preparation and Training

The truth may be on your side, but conveying that to a judge or jurors could be highly dependent on your body language, demeanor and mannerisms. When the stakes are high, you want attorneys and litigants who understand the importance of effective communication and individuals who are as comfortable as possible in high-pressure circumstances. 10e Media’s consulting services are proven to provide legal participants with ...

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How many times have you seen someone implode in a media interview? YouTube is loaded with examples, which live on in Internet infamy. Preparation is the key to avoiding disaster, handling media inquiries and keeping everyone on the same page. 10e Media has developed a highly acclaimed, half-day seminar for up to six executives that provides insider insight and hands-on practice from Emmy-award winning journalists ...

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