Public Relations

Lesson Learned from RJ Columnist’s Resignation: Sue the Reporters

Don’t worry whether your lawsuits have merit because now we know the newspaper’s conflict-of-interest policy mandates a reporter you have sued can never write anything about you ever again.

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Message Development

Right out the gate 10e Media will work with your key team members to help your organization develop authentic messages that describe your company and products or services in succinct and understandable terms. We take you through a facilitated development process to create clear, concise, and credible positioning statements that ultimately serve as the framework for all communications with your target audience(s). You will come ...

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Media Relations & Media Exposure

Reading or listening to someone else tell your story in print, broadcast or on the Internet raises your level of credibility and enhances your marketing efforts. As experienced journalists and PR professionals, we know how to position your company to attract effective media coverage. A reporter is more likely to read a press release or a pitch that is targeted specifically to them and is ...

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Reputation and Crisis Management

The best time to plan for crisis management is before a crisis occurs. Because when the stuff hits the fan, how your company deals with the media can mean the difference between looking like Mother Theresa or Charlie Sheen. At some point, just about every company or brand runs into a public relations crisis. Sometimes it’s self-induced and quite often it’s through no fault of ...

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A big part of any public relations campaign is getting in front of the right people and opening the necessary doors. The 10e team has decades of experience, which means we have a strong network of relationships with people in the media, politics, and business. This network provides opportunities for our clients that would otherwise be very difficult achieve. We will help you create higher ...

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Video Production Content

There is no better way to tell a story than with a visual tool like a video. Whether it’s your company news, a commercial, a business presentation or a simple video montage, a well-produced video communicates on all levels and brings credibility to your message. Also, search engines give big points for video content, which is why many businesses understand video content is a vital ...

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Community Relations

When you make the well-being of your community a priority, your active involvement not only builds your company’s public image and visibility, but also helps your company gain community support, customer loyalty, employee morale, and employee retention, and even can act as a buffer in a time of crisis. Whether it be involvement with a charitable cause, a cultural event, trade organization, or civic group, ...

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Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for growing your business, but it requires time, patience, and an authentic approach that establishes a personal connection with your existing and potential customers. With the help of our social media partner, we promote your business effectively on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Instagram, and user-generated content communities like YouTube. Your social media ...

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Government Affairs

Effective communication is essential for any company that needs public acceptance to be successful. 10e Media has established strong political relationships with a variety of governmental entities and officers. We are familiar with who influences and decides public policy and how to effectively reach them and we will help you engage with government officials to educate them on your position.

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Employee Relations

If your employees are misinformed or feel they are not communicated to, what message does that send to those they encounter outside the office walls? Effective internal communications is often as important, if not more important, than external communications to the public. To gain or maintain a positive corporate culture, and have organizational and operational success, it is critical to have a good internal communications ...

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