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Reading or listening to someone else tell your story in print, broadcast or on the Internet raises your level of credibility and enhances your marketing efforts. As experienced journalists and PR professionals, we know how to position your company to attract effective media coverage.

A reporter is more likely to read a press release or a pitch that is targeted specifically to them and is original, timely, and from a familiar source. Over the years, we have cultivated relationships with members of the media and we know which journalists cover our clients’ industries. So we know how to get the right message into the right person’s hands.

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10e Media crafts press releases that tell a compelling news story and fulfil journalist’s needs and, at the same time, position your company’s image in a positive light.

Due to our extensive database, 10e Media releases are geographically and topically targeted with pinpoint accuracy. And if you want to get your message to spread across the Internet we use our “10e Blast,” a unique SEO design that helps move your story and your company up search engine ladders.