“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”
-Andy Warhol

We’ve sped past Andy Warhol’s vision of the future into a frenetic world where everyone now only gets 15 seconds of fame. People are busy and enveloped by media. Getting their attention is more difficult than ever, so when you finally get those fleeting moments of their time, it’s critical that you be on message. This is where our media training Vegas professionals will help guide you.

The key to effective media interaction is preparation.

Elite athletes constantly train to improve their game and prepare for the big moments that will define their careers. They practice the same things over and over again to be ready for those key plays, never knowing exactly when they’ll come. Similarly, everyone who wants their brand to succeed should practice and prepare for their media moment.

10e Media’s media and message training seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions will sharpen your skills whether you’re getting ready for a network interview, a corporate video or any kind of public presentation. Our media training Vegas team will help you to better understand what reporters are looking for in interviews and our intense on-camera repetitions will prepare you for the tough questions so you can elevate your message every time.

The four-hour, media and message training seminars are custom-designed for up to six company representatives and have proven to be a great team-building exercise for our clients, in addition to preparing them for media interactions. While the course is fun and entertaining, it also simulates the intensity of real-life interviews and gives participants the tools and feedback that allow them to succeed when it’s time to face the media.

Our one-on-one sessions have worked very well for Fortune 500 CEO’s, political leaders, attorneys and litigants. The individual coaching also includes multiple on-camera mock interviews along with verbal and written feedback.

10e Media offers annual packages, which include consultations throughout the year. These have proven beneficial to clients who want to prepare for specific interviews after the initial training.

Click here to check out our testimonials and see what people who have been through the training say about it.

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