At 10e Media, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to public relations in Las Vegas. Each client receives a customized communications plan to maximize desired results.

As public relations professionals, we often promote our clients through editorial coverage, also known as earned media. In other words, we help to get stories placed in newspapers and magazines, online and on television programs. We do this as compared to placing an advertisement, also known as paid media. The advantage of earned media is that having a third-party validation from a credible source reporting on your business is viewed more favorably in the eyes of the public, so you aren’t tooting your own horn (even though behind the scenes, we are!).

But media coverage isn’t the only way to get your message out. With the vast array of alternative media channels, such as blog, websites, and social media channels we help clients increase their visibility on as many credible platforms as possible. We also use tools such as special events, community involvement, employee relations, networking, and government affairs to elevate your message.

As seen below, 10e Media offers many public relations Las Vegas services. Typically, in building a public relations program, several of these services are blended to reflect each client’s business goals and objectives.