Kendall Tenney founded 10e Media in 2010 after spending more than 15 years anchoring the #1 newscast in Las Vegas and collecting a room full of Emmy's and other awards along the way. He now works as a media consultant and coach for corporations, celebrities and political leaders.

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The best time to plan for crisis management is before a crisis occurs. Because when the stuff hits the fan, how your company deals with the media can mean the difference between looking like Mother Theresa or Charlie Sheen.

At some point, just about every company or brand runs into a public relations crisis. Sometimes it’s self-induced and quite often it’s through no fault of their own. The crisis itself rarely defines a business, but how it’s handled often does.

During this time, it’s critical to already be prepared to know what to say and how to stay on message. It’s just as important to understand when you should say nothing.

The 10e team can help your business navigate through rough waters and over tough terrain. We have the experience to prepare you for potential media storms or to help you emerge from a current crisis with your reputation and message intact.

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