It’s one of those things that might have flown under the radar pre-Twitter and Facebook.  Or it could have easily been forgotten had the presidential race included some hint of drama.  But social media wags the dog these days and unfortunately for Diane Sawyer, the electoral vote blowout meant people could focus their tweets and posts on something other than the election results.

So in 2012, it isn’t hanging chads, but a slurring Sawyer that has people talking.

First let me come to the defense of Diane Sawyer.  She is a tremendous, extremely talented journalist.  One of the best in the business.   Her track record and awards speak for themselves.

But then there was Election Night, 2012.

Sawyer certainly appeared out of sorts and off her game.  Was it election coverage fatigue setting in?  Or was Sawyer anchoring under the influence.

Watch this clip to see what has a lot of people wondering.