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10e Media is a full-service public relations agency that specializes in elevating brands through positive media exposure, strong relationships and innovative media and message training. We help clients effectively communicate their messages through specialized communications plans that deliver results. We do this by using the 10 e’s:

  1. elevate – we elevate your message
  2. effective – we are effective communicators that get results
  3. expertise – we use our expertise to position you as experts in your field
  4. exposure – we get positive exposure for your organization
  5. educate – we educate you on the best way to deliver your message
  6. encourage – we encourage and prepare you for media interviews
  7. energy – we put the energy into the communications work so you can put the energy into your work
  8. evaluate – we regularly evaluate our progress to show you results
  9. establish – we have established relationships with the media on your behalf
  10. engage – we engage and build relationships with your audience

What Sets Us Apart

There’s an art to getting positive attention for clients and a huge part of that is understanding how the media operates and how journalists think.

Over the years as journalists, we were on the receiving end of thousands of phone calls, press releases and emails from top PR companies or businesses in Las Vegas, and elsewhere, hoping to attract media attention. Some pitches were really good and turned into great stories, but most were weak and failed to land any print or airtime.

Now, in tandem with seasoned public relations professionals, 10e’s team works with businesses, groups, political leaders and individuals to strategically generate fresh and compelling news stories that break through the media cacophony.

That’s a big component of what gives our clients a competitive edge.

With 10e Media you get the best of both worlds. We know what stories appeal to the masses and how to weave our clients into those stories in a positive way.

To us, our Emmy’s, Murrow Awards and other “fancy” trophies don’t just take up a lot of shelf space; they remind us of the importance of great story telling. And our job is to tell your story and to position you in the best light possible so your business can thrive.